The Team was made by 5 people and now we are 19 people. We have a lot of experience in creating a softwares, web-development, hacking android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Games, Facebook Games and PC Games. (Also other Tools PC, Mobile)

7 of our staff members have also experience in C++, C, Java, Adobe PhotoShop, Visual Basic, CSS, PHP, HTML and a lot of other experience in making and hacking softwares like game hack cheat tools.

Our experience in the past is large. We have done work on couple websites also related to hacking and cracking games. Now we decided to make our own website – and share the stuff on our site for free and sometimes you have to pay because many users steal our hacks and put for sell on other websites. Our exploits and hacks tools are 100% safe and they are updated every day by our support. We keep them 100% secure for users who really need some help in a game and dont want to steal and share our tools on other sites. In order to keep our tools secure you have to fill out a survey or donate on paypal in order to receive the best cheat tools for your facebook, iOS, PC, Android Games and much more useful staff.

We are excited to present all of you our website and tools, hope you will enjoy it!
Your’s Team

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