Paypal Payment – Credit Card – Bank Transfer


  • Due to frauds Payments are accepted ONLY via friends and family option.
  • If you do not have this option on your paypal that means you cant pay with paypal.
  • You can choose any other payment option to complete your purchase.
  • Our Paypal Email Address:


  • Due to DDOS attacks our payments are NOT automatic
  • After you make the payment, our support member will contact with you on your paypal email !!
  • We dont answer in 5 minutes. Please be patient if you message us. We have maximum 24 hours for that. (Mostly we answer in 1-5 hours)
  • SSL certificate (protects your personal data)

  • *IMPORTANT: You have to pay for the fee. If we get less then 8.99$ we will not send our hack.


How to make payment with paypal !!

Paypal Friends & Family Payment Tutorial

Follow the step-by-step instructions.



Step 1

  • Login to your Paypal Account


Step 2

  • Select the Pay or Send Money option


Step 3

  • Select the Send Money to Friends and Family option


Step 4

  • Enter our Email Address:
  • Click Next


Step 5

  • Enter Amount: 8.99$ (USD)
  • Payments are accepted only made with USD $$ (We do not accept any other currencies)


Step 6

  • Click Continue -> Next


Step 7

  • After your payment is completed our support member will contact with you on your paypal email within 1-24 hours
  • Our Support Member will send an email with informations regarding your hack. He will ask you what device you use and what game you want to hack.


Step 8

  • After our support member receive email with your answer he will send you the download link with hack install instructions within 1-24 hours


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